July 3, 2017  •  5 Minutes reading

Definitions are so outdated, especially in banking

Definitions are so outdated, especially in banking

The world is changing.
Right in front of our eyes.
Everything we’ve defined in the past has been redefined. Think about it for a second.

Airbnb isn’t a hotel chain. It’s a new hospitality concept.
Uber isn’t a taxi company. It’s a whole new approach to mobility.
Apple Music isn’t a radio station. It’s a redefinition of the way we consume music.

So what’s going on?

In other words, these definitions and preconceptions belong to the past. And that applies to everything. Especially banking.

That’s exactly why we created Pepper two years ago – to redefine banking.
Pepper isn’t just another bank app or online branch.
Pepper is a bank startup in every sense of the word. One that reinvents the term “bank”.
And when we started, we went back to the same old definitions and preconceptions of the past.
So let’s disrupt those a bit:

A bank charges customers a lot of money? Think again.
Pepper is the cheapest bank in Israel.
There are no current account fees. Not for anyone, not today, not tomorrow, not in the future, not ever.

A bank is never open when you need it? Here’s the solution.
Pepper is the most accessible bank in Israel.
Everything is right on your mobile. You can open an account in just 8 minutes using your phone, sitting on your couch in your pajamas. Our bankers are ready to help you around the clock by phone or online chat – yes, even at 2am.

A bank is purely functional, bureaucratic, and outdated? Not here.
Pepper is the most beautiful bank in Israel, with the most advanced user experience.
There’s no bank that comes close to Pepper’s bold colors, exciting content, and youthful vibe. Pepper’s the only bank that actually speaks English, not Bankish. It’s even funny now and then.

A bank is passive and boring? Try innovative and proactive.
Pepper is the most advanced bank in Israel.
It has a unique feed that teaches you and helps you get better. It’s completely personalized, and includes summaries, comparisons, tips on smart money management, videos, and much more.

Today, I’m very proud to give you this sneak peek of Pepper’s launch campaign. A campaign that leaves definitions behind and makes room for Pepper. Just do us a favor, and don’t call it a bank.