November 13, 2017  •  4 Minutes reading

How we designed a new banking experience in Israel

How we designed a new banking experience in Israel

Ask most people, and they’ll probably tell you that designing new banking services is just about choosing colors and icons. This isn’t surprising since most banks out there offer similar products & services, and the only difference between them is that one is red, one is blue, another is orange, and so forth.

For Pepper, design is a lot more than choosing a color – it’s a working tool and a mindset. The entire product-service experience was developed using “Design Thinking” methodologies.

The Designit team has been part of Pepper from day one, working closely together to ensure a human-centered approach, that puts customers first every step of the journey.

As a global strategic design firm, specializing in digital & business transformation, Designit’s experienced, multidisciplinary team of strategists, designers, and technologists from around the world (USA, Spain, Denmark, France, UK, Colombia, Norway) led the innovation process. Designit worked closely with Pepper’s product, marketing and development teams to define and design an entirely new banking experience, grounded in a deep understanding of customers’ needs and behaviors related to their money.

Our first step was to get out and speak with people about their financial needs, to see how they manage their money, and understand what bothers them about banking services today. We learned about their lifestyle, and how today’s banking solutions don’t help them achieve their goals. We didn’t settle for just interviews and meetings; we also invited people to ideate with us, brainstorm possible solutions, test concepts, and provide feedback about products and services.

It was incredible how much we learned!

For example, we learned that “saving money” doesn’t necessarily mean depositing it into a savings account. Many people consider making a smart purchasing decision, using a discount or a coupon as great way for saving money and making the most of it.

We also learned that even though many of us prefer to use digital channels for banking services, it is also helpful and reassuring to know we can always reach out to real bankers and service representatives if we need help.

Insights like these, and more, guided us as we worked to design Pepper’s products and services. In fact, every Pepper product, service, feature, and experience was developed this way. We went out, learned about the needs and pain points of real people, co-created, and ideated around solutions, sought inspiration from other industries and global benchmarks, tested and validated our solutions, got feedback, and continuously iterated. For us, this is the only way to design a new banking experience.

But design doesn’t end with the products. With Pepper, we wanted to challenge the status quo of branding design as well. As a brand that is built from a digital product, Pepper’s design is based on a unique RGB color palette, that cannot be duplicated for print (CMYK) – meaning we are purely digital. Furthermore, most banks use single, solid colors for their brands (red, blue, orange, purple, etc.). Pepper, on the other hand, uses a range of vibrant colors and a rich visual language, that makes it stand out in the banking design scene and deliver on its promise to provide an innovative range of products, services, and experiences.

The detailed design work is also reflected in Pepper’s typography. Our font is custom-made, simple, and bold to reflect Pepper’s direct tone and style. Our goal is to design an experience that not only provides solutions to your financial needs, but is also easy, fun, and similar to other digital products and services we know and love.

We began this journey just over a year ago with the goal of challenging the status quo of banking. Pepper was designed out of this vision – by creating user-centered products and services, that will help people make the most of their money.

Design built banking.


Ayal Levin