August 16, 2016  •  3 Minutes reading

Outside Business Hours

Outside Business Hours

Remember Joe, the banker from the branch in your old neighborhood? You know, Joe! The personal banker who took good care of your parents from the moment they got married and opened a joint account (during business hours), gave them advice on all sorts of banking matters (during business hours), and then helped them with their first mortgage, car, and lots of other things… Joe also helped you open a savings account (during business hours) and when your brother turned 16 he went with your dad to open his first account too (yep… during business hours). But what do you do now that you’re all grown up and live far away from your old neighborhood and its business hours? Problematic? Not at all!

Banking has never exactly been the most enjoyable thing in the world: long waits, press here for English, press there for mortgages… And, of course, all within business hours. Here’s a familiar example of when we’re free to visit or speak to the bank, out of the hours it’s actually open (spoiler, it’s not so encouraging):


So, sure, everything’s already been said about hi-tech advancements like Fintech, new banking, life in beta, and all those new-fangled words. But, what about Joe? What will we do without Joe? When you look at today’s banking world, it’s easy to see that there’s a huge gap between needs and reality. We decided to bridge that gap by setting up Pepper. We’ve already said a lot about Pepper (and we’ll say a lot more), and about Pepper’s technological capabilities, vision, and great products. But, from my perspective, after managing bank branches and knowing exactly where to go in a crisis, one of Pepper’s real revolutions is its personal service.

Imagine you come home in the middle of the night. You’re tired, but you can’t sleep (sound familiar?). You go to Pepper and check out your statement, and suddenly a technical question occurs to you about Pepper or a new savings account you’ve opened to go to Zanzibar (you’ve just had a beer with a friend who got back from there, and Zanzibar looks pretty cool…). So you open a chat with a real live Pepper banker, text them “you up?” And… oh look, they are!

In just moments, the banker answers all your questions like you’re on WhatsApp with friends. You can see his picture like on Messenger and manage real conversations with technical support and a banker at three in the morning. Oh, and you can speak to them by phone at that time too. The branch is right there in your hand, and you can open an account anywhere, anytime, around the clock. So if you need us, we’re here for you 24/6. Because for us, it’s like having a digital-era personal banker who never goes on vacation (well, if he does, someone just as good will fill in).

As for Joe, you don’t need to worry about him. Since he retired, he’s been traveling the world and doing all his banking via Pepper under a coconut tree. Of course, every now and then, he needs some support… sometimes not even during business hours…

    Head of Banking