May 11, 2016  •  3 Minutes reading

Pardon my French…

Pardon my French…

Banking is a %@&#$ story.

Now more than ever, customers – especially newer, younger customers – aren’t willing to suffer through the age-old banking experience. They expect a radically different kind of bank, not just a facelift with some nicer carpets. This is exactly the attitude of today’s start-up era as well, so now is the perfect time to build something amazing from scratch. The truth is, the fact that no such initiative – a true lovable banking– already exists in Israel, excites me.

In July 2015 we established a start-up and got to work. Just like with any other start-up, thousands of ideas were tossed around, and most ended up in the trash. Day after day, hour after hour, we really began to understand the kinds of people we’re working for, what they expect from their banking experience, what we want to tell them, and especially how Pepper will work. With just 8 people in an empty office, and an ambitious vision to rival Che Guevara’s, we managed to create a real engine of change in just a few short months.

My partners during this time were people like you and me. The vast majority of us are not bankers or financiers – just people passionate about the possibility to implement real change. They were ready to leave behind their friends and promising careers in hi-tech and other fields behind just to pursue this goal. Today, we are a solid team of more than 100 experts in technology, design, marketing, and banking, and we still get up every morning to mastermind a banking revolution.

When I look at Pepper today, I find that what began as nothing more than a dream wrapped in cynicism has become a genuine reality. I see everything I have ever wanted from banking: a smart product that speaks a language people understand, that knows how to be fair, honest and transparent, that breathes technology, and that is packed full of relevant services customers really need. Every morning, when I arrive at the Pepper offices, I make a point of checking that we’re still on the right track, heading in the right direction. The path may be long and hard, but it’s clear to me that if we just keep on believing, we’ll deliver a product that will make people say:

“Banking is a fascinating story.”