June 19, 2016  •  3 Minutes reading

Prepare to Leave Your Bank

Prepare to Leave Your Bank

Could you imagine what the very first thing was that we did when we moved into our office a year ago? Dance? Make coffee? Wonder if we had WiFi?

No… We hung a giant sign on the wall:

“Banking that people love.”

It was important for us to see this challenging goal every morning. We already understood that people don’t switch banks because of better terms or an advanced digital interface. The reality in Israel today is that people hardly ever switch banks, period.

We realized that in order to give you a solid reason to leave your current bank, we needed to provide two basic things:

  1. A completely new product or service that would change your life in such a significant way that you would wonder how you ever lived without it.
  2. A surprising, rewarding customer service experience – to the point that you would find yourself telling people how much fun banking can be.

Think for a second about all the necessary evils in your life that you hate, are frustrated with, or are just indifferent about – and how a bold new option managed to change your opinion:

Have you ever told anyone, “I really love my taxi stand”? (But you do love Gett, right?)

Has your friend ever declared, “I just adore the pay stations in parking lots”? (But Pango’s wonderful, right?)

Or has anyone ever written on Facebook, “I met the most amazing people today, thanks to the Apartment Rental section on Yad2”? (But Airbnb really DOES make the world a smaller place, right?)

So yeah, we’ve set the bar really high (Some would say really, reallyhigh) but it’s not an impossible dream.

This is only thanks to the amazing staff working with us, and the vital support from the Leumi Group, which provides us with everything we need to continue moving forward and succeeding. All this has given us the confidence to challenge many historical truths about the role banks play in our lives, and the ways they can help us ideally, intelligently manage our money.

We can’t wait to show you what we’re creating. We know you’ll love it!


    VP Operations