About Pepper

What is Pepper?

Pepper is an online branch of Bank Leumi, but basically it’s a new, completely separate bank account that will allow you to enjoy a banking experience unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Banking that’s totally mobile, with no checking account fees, as you can see from our fees list, and a smart technological system adapted to you and your needs. Pepper gives you updates, insights, and all the essential account management information.


What's different about Pepper?

What isn’t different? First of all, it’s completely via an app on your mobile phone, so you never have to go to a branch or worry about opening hours. Secondly, we don’t charge any checking account or bank ATM withdrawal fees, just like it says in our list of fees. We just don’t. And that’s not all. We’ve created a smart system you can be sure will only give you the relevant info that suits you perfectly. Feels totally different, right?

Where are you located?

With you, in your pocket, on your phone. That’s where you can get all your information and carry out all your banking activities. In any case, if you want to reach us, we’re available around the clock via chat or phone, just not on Shabbat. Our actual offices are located in central Tel Aviv.

Who is backing Pepper?

Pepper is backed by Bank Leumi, which decided to lead a real banking revolution and create a lean, fair, transparent, accessible, and smart banking system that is completely mobile.

Are you hiring?

Sometimes. We’re always happy to welcome more good people to Team Pepper. Get in touch at


Why should I switch to Pepper?

Of course you don’t HAVE to. But if you like the idea of managing your account from your phone and enjoying a totally different banking experience – then it’s worth a shot. By the way, there’s no need to rush. You can open an account and decide whether to make it your main account later.

If I'm already a Leumi customer, do I need to open a new account?

Pepper is an online branch of Bank Leumi, but a Pepper account is a whole new kind of bank account. It’s really simple to open another account with us, or to transfer your existing account to Pepper. The process only takes a few minutes.

Where's the closest branch?

The only “branch” is on your phone. That means you don’t have to do anything at your current or former bank branch. Everything’s on your mobile.

Is it really free (like, really)?

All basic banking activities are free. You only pay when you purchase special banking products or services, perform special account actions, or in the case of exceptional account events. Clear and simple, right? Check out our list of fees.

Can anyone open an account?

If you’re an individual, a resident of Israel (not a U.S. Person or with another tax residency), over 18 and have had an Israeli bank account before – then yes (per Pepper‘s discretion). Your Pepper account can’t be your first ever account.

If I don't live in Israel, can I still sign up?

No, sorry – only Israeli residents can open a Pepper account.

Can I set up a joint account?

Currently you can only open an individual account, but we’ll keep you posted!

Can I open a business account?

Not yet, but we’re definitely working on it.

How do I find my closest ATM?

Pepper has a button that lets you locate the nearest Bank Leumi ATM by displaying the closest ATMs in your local area.

What products does Pepper offer?

At Pepper, you’ll find everything you need to manage your finances: checking accounts, credit cards, loans, checkbooks, savings accounts, fund transfers and, in the future, securities trading.

Will I get letters in the mail for exceptional transactions?

In some cases, yes.

How does this work?

How do I open an account?

Download the Pepper application from one of the app stores, and follow the instructions. In less than 10 minutes you’ll have opened an account, without having to go to a branch. Afterward, we’ll deliver your new credit card and two checkbooks by courier for free.

Can I use Pepper on both iPhone and Android devices?

Absolutely. We’re completely mobile, remember?

What documents do I need to open my account?

Your ID card and drivers’ license or Israeli passport, and a credit card from your bank. That’s it!

And what if I need to speak with someone?

No problem. If you want to talk or chat online, you can contact us right from your mobile phone and real flesh-and-blood bankers will help you out any day, around the clock (well, except during Shabbat).

From 26.3.20 our call-center will be available on Sun-Thurs: 08:00-20:00, Fri and Holiday Eves: 08:00-14:00.
Our chat is also available 24hrs, even at 02:00 AM, excluding Saturdays.

How do I deposit a check from my mobile phone?

As easily as reading these lines. Select the bank the check was issued from, enter the amount, sign the back digitally and… voila! Check deposited. The app can deposit checks of up to NIS 10,000. Over that amount, you’ll have to use a check deposit machine at a Bank Leumi branch.

How do I activate my credit card?

Did you get your Pepper card? Congrats! To activate it, just enter the card number and tap Activate.

How do I transfer my salary to Pepper?

Just make sure that whoever’s responsible for paying your salary receives your new account information. You can find all the details on your personal profile page.

Data Security

How safe is my personal information?

You don’t need to tell us that your money is an incredibly serious business. As part of Bank Leumi’s information security concept, we’ve invested huge resources so that all sensitive information is securely encrypted, and we use the most advanced security tech to monitor database access at all times.

What if my phone's lost or stolen?

Excellent question. First, remember that your money is completely safe. In fact, we make sure it’s even safer in these cases. All you need to do is call us at *8988 and we’ll explain exactly what to do.

Is my money secure?

Absolutely. We insist on having incredibly high information security standards, including controls that match the risk level of each transaction. We also operate different fraud detection arrays that implement data security at every stage of development. Your money is in safe hands.

Pepper Fees

At Pepper you don't pay ANY checking account fees. Simple. What do you pay for? Only special activities and services.
For example only:

Checking Account Management

0 NIS Crediting an account via clearance
0 NIS Charge to a credit card
0 NIS Cash deposit
0 NIS ATM withdrawal
0 NIS Bank transfer
0 NIS Check withdrawal
0 NIS Check deposit
0 NIS Credit allocation
0 NIS Direct debit / standing order
0 NIS New checkbook
17 NIS  Check cancellation
0 NIS Credit card maintenance
0 NIS Early loan repayment


Exceptional Account Events

55 NIS Returned direct debit, money order, or check
19 NIS Returned check due to technical reasons
17 NIS Cancellation of a direct debit or standing order
5 NIS Warning letter
147 NIS Legal warning letter

Leumi Card Credit Card Fees

0 NIS Card fee
15 NIS Handling an unjustified denial of transaction
30 NIS Issuance of replacement card
50 NIS Immediate issuance of replacement card
3% Foreign currency transaction
3% Foreign currency withdrawal from an ATM
40 NIS

per request

Early or immediate repayment of installments


Pepper Pay

What's Pepper Pay?

Pepper Pay is the Pepper payment app, part of Bank Leumi.

Who can use Pepper Pay?

Everyone! So long as you have a credit card and a bank account in Israel.

How do I join Pepper Pay?

If you’re a Pepper customer:

It’s really easy. Just enter your telephone number and Pepper password, accept the terms of service, and you’re good to go!


If you’re not a Pepper customer:

It’s still really easy. Just sign up quickly and enter some details.

Can I sign up even if I don't have a Pepper account?

Absolutely! There’s just a brief sign-up process and then you’re in. Look for Pepper Pay in app stores.

Do I use the same password I have on Pepper?

Yes, exactly the same. If you change your Pepper password it’ll be changed on Pepper Pay too.

What does it cost to use the app?

Nothing! All payment services are free.

If money is transferred to me, where does it go?

If you’re a Pepper customer:

Straight into your Pepper account.

If you’re not a Pepper customer:

Straight into the bank account you entered when you signed up.

How do I know that the money's been transferred?

After you’ve made a payment, you’ll see a screen with a confirmation number. Of course, these details are always stored on the app’s My Activity page, so you can go back to them at any time. In any case, you can also see debits and credits on your Pepper checking account page.

Is there a payment confirmation?

Of course. There’s always a digital confirmation number.

Who can I transfer money to?

Anyone in your phone contacts who has a bank account in Israel. Pepper customers can also transfer money directly to a bank account.

Can I pay people who aren't registered with Pepper Pay?

No problem. If someone isn’t registered, they’ll receive a text message inviting them to download the app and sign up. If they sign up within 72 hours of receiving the text, the money will go straight into their account.

Can I make a payment to a business?

Not yet, but we’re working on it.

Where is the money I'm transferring taken from?

If you’re a Pepper customer:

Straight from your Pepper account.

If you’re not a Pepper customer:

From your credit card, on your monthly payment date.

Can I view all the payments I've made?

Sure. They’re all saved on the My Activity page.

What's the maximum amount I can transfer?

If you’re a Pepper customer:

Any amount, depending on your Pepper account balance. For large amounts, we request the bank account details of the person you’re sending money to.

If you’re not a Pepper customer:

Up to NIS 2,000 a day and NIS 6,000 a month, depending on the credit available on your credit card. There are no limits if you open a Pepper account.

Who can I request a payment from?

Whoever you like. All you need is their phone number.

I forgot my password – what do I do?

If you’re a Pepper customer:

Reset your password on the Pepper app, or call Pepper at *5511.

If you’re not a Pepper customer:

Don’t worry, you don’t even need to speak to anyone. There’s just a short password reset process. So we know it’s really you, we ask you to enter the bank and credit card details you used when you signed up, and then you can set a new password. If your credit card expires or is lost, your password can be restored using another credit card issued to the same person, or associated with the same ID number.

Can I request payments from several people at once?

Sure. You can request payment from one person through the main page, or create a group and ask several people together.

What happens if I lose my phone?

Firstly, it’s important that you know your money is completely safe, no matter what happens. Just call Pepper at *5511 and we’ll block your lost phone’s access to your account.

When is Pepper's service center open?

Any time, day or night. Well, except during Shabbat.